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A combination of a woman who was blowing bubble gum and someone blowing up a balloon. Not my best, was very difficult.

Daily Create 5/25

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“If you can remember anything about the sixties, you weren’t really there.”- Paul Kantner

I did not exist in the 1960’s, and was not even a twinkle in my mother’s eye who was born the first year of the psychedelic decade. Thought, I’ve always had an appreciation for the decade. From the music, social justice and equality movements, and the mind opening research in science.

Fashion, too, is another important cultural aspect of the times. My grandmother is no icon by any standards, but she did always have a sort of class and grace when it came to dressing herself. She shied away from shorter shift dresses and stuck with more traditional fifties style skirts and dresses. Cocktail dresses remained in style and she wore them often.

It’s odd to think of my grandmother Nancy’s fashion senses when now I have to remind myself how long it’s been since I’ve visited her in the nursing home she now resides. “Does she need pull ups or hygiene products?” I try to remember. Alzheimer’s has destroyed her memory and ability to remember tasks of daily living. Nancy made my mother promise to not have her live with us if she ever needed to be “put in a home” and following through on her wishes is more difficult than we ever imagined.

This assignment was a happy reminder that I can cherish and carry on her memories of youth even if her mind is no longer there.

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